Amy Wendt

Credentials: PhD

Position title: Co-Director, WISELI / Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Phone: 608-262-8407

Dr Amy Wendt

Dr. Amy Wendt did her undergraduate work at the California Institute of Technology and her graduate work at the University of California-Berkeley, graduating with a PhD in Electrical Engineering in 1988. Dr. Wendt’s lab works to develop an understanding of the behavior of plasmas involved in the use of ionized gases for materials processing, a technique now used in a wide array of industries. Understanding of the behavior of the plasmas involved and how they interact with materials substrates and implications for process development is the primary goal of Dr. Wendt’s research, in addition to design of plasma generation systems for new applications.

Dr. Wendt also works to promote Engineering to a more diverse array of students, visiting schools and participating in science fairs to encourage underrepresented students, especially girls, to consider Engineering when they enroll in college. She uses unique approaches and teaching techniques to introduce Engineering concepts to children in a way that encourages them to see Engineering as more of a “helping” profession than a “building” profession.

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