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Increasing representation and advancement of women and members of groups currently underrepresented on faculty and in leadership at UW-Madison

Workshops & Lectures

WISELI offers a variety of workshops and conducts research on their effectiveness.  These include workshops for faculty search committees, workshops to understand and minimize the influence of unconscious or implicit bias, and workshops to improve department climate.  We also provide lectures describing our workshops and research on implicit bias.

Workshops & Lectures

Bookstore & Resources

Order printed versions of helpful WISELI publications from the Bookstore, or download PDFs of these resources instantly.  Links to our extensive research library and other resources can be found here.

Research & Data

WISELI is continually researching the effectiveness of our workshops and programming, as well as conducting original research on a variety of topics relating to the advancement of women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Medicine (STEMM).

Research & Data

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Celebrating Women in Science & Engineering Grant Program

A collaboration between WISELI and the College of Agricultural & Life Sciences, College of Engineering, College of Letters & Science, Gaylord Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, School of Pharmacy, School of Medicine & Public Health, and School of Veterinary Medicine.

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The Life Cycle Grant Program

Provides funds to faculty and non-emeritus permanent PIs at UW–Madison who are at critical junctures in their professional careers and whose research productivity has been directly affected by personal life events (e.g., illness of a dependent, parent, spouse/partner, or oneself; complications from childbirth; combination of major life events).

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WISELI’s mission is to increase the representation, advancement, and job satisfaction of women faculty and members of groups currently underrepresented on the faculty and in leadership positions at UW–Madison.

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WISELI in the news

  • Breaking Bias

    In 2015, Devine partnered with Molly Carnes, the director of the UW’s Center for Women’s Health Research, to examine, and potentially reduce, gender bias in departmental units covering all fields of science, engineering, and medicine …

  • Race May Influence Transplant Decision Making in Heart Failure

    “When the patient information is more subjective, then the implicit biases are more likely to influence clinical decision making in ways that would usually disadvantage members of certain groups versus another,” Carnes said.

  • The Changing Face of Science

    Women are gaining ground in STEM fields at UW-Madison, and pulling up those behind them. 

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