Guidebooks & Brochures

WISELI publishes a variety of guidebooks and brochures that summarize relevant research and provide advice for increasing the representation, advancement, and workplace satisfaction of women and members of groups underrepresented in academic STEM and in faculty and academic leadership positions. You can purchase print copies of these documents from our online bookstore and you can view or download single PDF versions on this page. See the descriptions and links below.

Searching for Excellence & Diversity:
A Guide for Search Committees

This guidebook provides research based advice and recommendations for all stages of the faculty search processes. The content of national and UW–‍Madison editions is identical except for the inclusion of resources and policies specific to Wisconsin and UW–‍Madison.

Reviewing Applicants: Research on Bias and Assumptions

A brief introduction to research on unconscious biases and assumptions, with a focus on how these unconscious biases might influence evaluation of candidates in the faculty search process. Specific advice for minimizing bias is included.


Bias brochure cover

Benefits and Challenges of Diversity in Academic Settings

Summarizing research from a variety of disciplines, this booklet demonstrates how diversity benefits teaching, research, and students. It outlines some of the challenges individuals from diverse backgrounds face and the role  unconscious biases and assumptions may play in creating these challenges.  It provides advice for reaping the benefits of diversity and minimizing its challenges.


Enhancing Department Climate: A Guide for Department Chairs

This brochure identifies common concerns faculty, staff, and students have about climate in academic departments. It provides department chairs/heads with practical advice for addressing these concerns and fostering a climate in which all department members feel welcome, respected, and valued.


Climate brochure cover

Fostering Success Brochure Cover

Fostering Success for Women in Science and Engineering: Advice for Departmental Faculty

The advice provided in this brochure comes from a variety of sources: published literature, experiences from WISELI workshops (climate workshops and hiring workshops), and WISELI research. It features concrete tips and suggestions faculty can use to foster the success of women in science and engineering at all career stages.


Advancing Women in Science and Engineering: Advice to the Top

Using short summaries of existing research illustrating common situations women face in male-dominated environments (e.g., being a “token”, isolation, stereotype threat), this brochure suggests ten concrete steps administrators can take to alleviate these problems.


Advancing women brochure cover

Use of Guidebooks and Brochures

You are welcome to link to and view PDF versions of these guidebooks and brochures, and may download individual copies for personal use.  Because all of these publications are copyrighted, please see our Copyrights and Trademarks page for information about other uses and for suggested citations.