Denice D. Denton Memorial Symposium

Credentials: July 29-30, 2007

A reception and dinner was held on Sunday, July 29th, with remembrances by Dr. Amy Wendt, Chancellor John Wiley, and Ms. Carolyn Mabee (Denice’s mother).

A day-long symposium was held on Monday, July 30th, with the following speakers:

  • Welcome:  Dr. Vicki Bier, UW–‍Madison
  • Keynote Address:  Former UW–‍Madison Chancellor Donna Shalala
  • Panelists:  Drs. Gerda Lerner, Bassam Shakhashiri, Lydia Zepeda, and Dr. Jeanne Swack of UW–‍Madison; Dr. Reza Ghodssi of the University of Maryland; Ms. Betty Walker Smith, retired Madison alderperson, and Ms. Jeanne Narum, Director of Project Kaleidoscope
  • Discussion facilitators:  Drs. Terry Millar and Susan Millar, UW–‍Madison
  • Closing remarks:  Drs. Vicki Bier, Susan Millar, Amy Wendt, Lydia Zepeda, and Gary Sandefur, UW–‍Madiso

The Denice D. Denton Memorial Symposium is generously funded by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Office of the Chancellor, with additional funding provided by the Maria Mitchell Association.