Workshops & Lectures

Workshops at UW-Madison

Searching for Excellence & Diversity®

A Workshop Series for Faculty Search Committees

Assessing & Enhancing Department Climate

A Workshop Series for Department Chairs

Breaking the Bias Habit®

A Workshop to Promote a Diverse, Welcoming, and Inclusive Campus

Breaking the Bias Habit®

A Workshop to Promote Gender Equity

Workshops Beyond UW-Madison


Due to COVID-19 related restrictions on travel and large public gatherings, we regret being unable to offer these workshops.  We will provide notice when restrictions are eased, or when we develop alternative methods for virtual delivery of this workshop.

Searching for Excellence & Diversity®

WISELI is available to present this workshop for faculty search committees at colleges and universities across the U.S.  It can include a “train-the-trainer” module to ensure sustainability.

Breaking the Bias Habit®

WISELI is available to deliver any of our bias-reduction workshops at colleges and universities throughout the U.S.


Guest lectures at UW–Madison

WISELI is available to provide a single guest lecture within existing courses, or at brownbags and other events at UW–Madison. Lectures are typically 50-60 minutes.

See a list of past lectures

Guest lectures Beyond UW–‍Madison

WISELI personnel may be available to visit your institution to deliver lectures and/or provide consulting for one day.

PLEASE NOTE: Travel and in-person events will not be possible until COVID-19 related restrictions are lifted.

See a list of past invited lectures