Denice D. Denton (1959 – 2006)

Denice Denton had a profound impact on UW–Madison in research, education, professional development, and their integration across disciplines. She was an intellectual and organizational leader in all of these areas, from the Engineering Research Center for Plasma‑Aided Manufacturing to the National Institute for Science Education. Her many contributions helped create a fertile ground for other successful endeavors at UW–Madison — from engineering research centers to the UW–Madison K-Through-Infinity Partnership program, the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning, and System-wide Change for All Learners and Educators. If our campus has progressed further than some, it is because we have stood on the shoulders of a giant. Denice will be missed and not forgotten.

Oral History: Denice Denton Interview

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Recorded Nov 20 & 25, 2003

Interviewer: Joyce Coleman

Audio of 1st interview session

Audio of 2nd interview session

PDF transcript

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Denton, Denice. Interviewed by Joyce Coleman. Tape Recording, 2003. University Archives and Records Management Services, Madison, Wisconsin.