Celebrating Women in Science & Engineering — Budgetary Guidelines


We expect to receive requests for honoraria between $200 and $600. We will consider requests of higher honoraria for exceptional speakers when such a request is accompanied by written justification. The honorarium requested from WISELI’s Celebrating Women in Science and Engineering Grant Program may be supplemented by your department/organization through other funds.
Note:  If honoraria are not typically provided by your department, we still encourage you to provide honoraria because the invited speakers will be engaging in activities beyond those common in standard speaking engagements.

Departmental Co-sponsorship

Because co-sponsorship is one way in which departments can demonstrate their support for ensuring equitable representation of women among departmental guest speakers, we include evidence of departmental support in our evaluation of grant proposals. In your budget, please indicate how your department will support your program. If your proposal is not a departmental event, or your unit/organization has no mechanism for providing funds, please include an explanation in your budget.

Travel Expenses

Please provide estimates of airfare. We recommend that you purchase airfare at least 30 days in advance. Please note that university policies only cover coach/economy fares and require all airfare purchased with university funds to be booked through Fox World Travel or the Concur booking tool. Please visit UW TravelWise for information about policies and to book tickets.


Under university policies hotel reservations must be made directly with the hotel, through the Concur booking tool, or directly with a Fox World Travel agent.  We strongly recommend that you make the reservation rather than asking your guest to make the reservation, cover the costs, and request reimbursement. If booking directly with the hotel, request the University of Wisconsin/State rates, and cover the costs with university funds — many hotels near campus offer university/state rates.  Memorial Union, Union South, and the Lowell Center also offer accommodations at the university rate. UW contract rates are also offered through Concur.  Please note: if state rates are not available through the hotel or Concur, and if the available rates are above the current maximum of $127/night, you will need to document that a more favorable rate was not available by attached a cost comparison from Concur.  See Policy 312: Lodging for more details.

Per Diem

Please use the UW Office of Business Services reimbursement guidelines to estimate per diem expenses for your guests. They allow $60 per day: $12 for breakfast, $18 for lunch, and $30 for dinner.

Other Expenses

For receptions and hosted meals, please rely on the UW Office of Business Services guidelines and consult with your departmental financial administrator about policies and required documentation.