Women and Leadership in Science, Engineering and Medicine

Course Details:

Title:  Women and Leadership in Science, Engineering and Medicine

Number:  Med Phys/Pediat 705

Credits:  2 credits

Timing:  Offered each fall semester

Requisites:  Graduate/professional standing

Instructors:  Megan Moreno and Beth Meyerand


Multiple professional and scientific groups have identified the underrepresentation and lack of advancement of women and gender diverse people in academia as a national workforce problem. This course will review evolving perspectives of leadership and how unconscious assumptions about the behaviors and traits of men, women, other genders and leaders impede diverse gender representation and advancement. The course will emphasize women and gender diverse people in the fields of science, health and engineering. Key components of the class will include: 1) readings: both empirical literature and contemporary sources focusing on critical aspects at the intersection of leadership and gender, 2) interactions with peers: through online discussion channels and in class discussion, and 3) leadership panels with current leaders. Through these interwoven activities, students will be invited to learn and apply key concepts from the current evidence. As a final project, students will engage more deeply with a selected topic area towards a review or investigative paper.

Example Syllabus–Fall 2023

Example Syllabus–Fall 2022

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Publications Related to this Course:

Isaac, Carol; Anna Kaatz; Barbara Lee; and Molly Carnes. 2012. “An Educational Intervention Designed to Increase Women’s Leadership Self-Efficacy.” CBE-Life Sciences Education. 11(3):307-322. PMID: 22949427.